Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Problems with Auntie

The BBC is famed for its 'impartiality'. What that means is it is non-partial within the spectrum of mainstream politics, as we know, this is a narrowing band. It is, however, fiercely partial to the establishment and the status quo. It's upper reaches are dominated by members of the ruling class (infamously, there is supposed to be an MI5 agent on every single board of directors).

Which, naturally explains the BBC's flagrant pro-war bias, despite it's public service reputation. For example shortly before the war began:

BBC bosses also instructed staff to censor the anti-war movement. BBC news boss Richard Sambrook sent an e-mail telling staff to keep anti-war "extremists" off the airwaves, however representative their views are.

Take this typicall condecending article about last Saturday's demo.

The point of demonstrations being to demonstrate the breadth of public opinion. The BBC downplays the size of the demo, in another piece it claimed there were only 15,000 people when in reality there were about that many placards handed out and only about 5-10% had a placard. The purpose is to deliberately supress public anti-war consciousness.


Count the Numbers said...

So you think that there were 150,000 on the demo (if 15,000 placards = 10%), maybe 300,000 ( 15,000 = 5%)?

adam sheehan said...

like your maths there. all you gots to do is remind yourself of one thing:
the police always lie about demos cos their gits (cept maybe the ones in liverpool :)).

Roobin said...

I reckon there were about 75-80 thousand on the demo. It's not a desperately important point. BBC censorship is the important point. What say you sir/madam?

adam sheehan said...

i heartly agree with you on that point sir. the bbc's converage of condi rice's vist to liverpool and blackburn was beyond shite, "brave face" indeed!
incidently there is a shockingly right wing website with excellent pictures of the demos on them.
just goolge nordish and enjoy!

adam sheehan said...

sorry guys its:
(i think)
there is a lot of worthless human scum so morbo go out and devour 'em!
fortunatly a handsome, wittly and intellgent young man has taken it upon himself to combat the dark side of the force with the light of truth.
( cos he was a bit bored to be honest!)