Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Because you're worthless...

It's about time we had another round of giveaway blogtitles:

Sheep, Sheep, Crocodile
Get Off My Leg
Terry's Chocolate Fatwah
Have The Rolling Stones Killed!
A Visible Sign Of Separation
Let's Hunt and Kill David Hasselhoff
Deep Shit and No Buckets
The Depp Street Rap Sheet
Zombie Bones
Sway To The Moonlight
(Roobin's Note: althogether now 'Thuh Serious Moonlight')
Dennis Quaid's House of Secrets
Kim Jong Il's Hour of Power
Let's Hunt and Kill Richard Bacon
Dull and Only
The Spam Wall
Bollocks in a Box
Horn of the Sun
Big Shots!
The Customary Long Title That Always Goes at the End of the List

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