Tuesday, October 03, 2006

British Residents held in Guantanamo won't be allowed back into UK

Disgusting, but not surprising. Today's Grauniad reveals that the US has offered to return all 9 British Resisents currently held at Guantanamo to this country, but it is our government that is refusing to allow them back in.

Many of these men are refugees, who were granted indefinite right to remain in this country. Amongst them is Omar Deghayes, a refugee from Libya whose family has lived in Brighton for almost 20 years, and whose father was killed by the Gaddaffi regime in Libya. The British government claims he has no right to return to this country and their reason - that his residency has lapsed! So somehow it is his fault that he was kidnapped by US forces whilst in Pakistan, and has been imprisoned and tortured (to the extent that he has lost the sight in one eye) for 5 years. And this is the reason offered by the Home Office as to why these men cannot return, since William Nye, its director of counter-terrorism and intelligence has confirmed that there is insufficient evidence to so much as place a control order on the men, much less hold them prisoner or deport them. In fcat there is no evidence against these men at all, which is why none of them have been charged at any stage.

Incidentally, whilst being held in Guantanamo, Omar Deghayes has been visited by Libyan government officials, who have informed him that he will be killed if he ever sets foot on Libyan soil again (and given that the UK is refusing to allow him to return, guess where the US would look to send him upon release). This with the full blessing of the CIA, now good friends of the Gaddaffi regime. The Murdoch press in this country has run campaigns slandering Omar and his family. And successive home secretaries have washed their hands of he and the other detainees, whilst trying to set up similar internment camps in this country.

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