Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Morbo's vermin of the week: The Daily Star

The title should read: "The Daily Star and other asssorted bastards, racists and shitheads in charge of the media." As if the media hasn't been bad enough recently, with each newspaper trying to outdo each other on the racist stakes, and politicans gleefully joining in (and starting) the bile and garbage and filth pouring forwards, uttering racist trite, the liberals and supposed leftists on the sidelines jumping up and down urging on waves and waves of Islamophobia while keeping so-called 'distance'.... however.... the Daily Star has been caught with it's pants down.

The Daily Star was forced to withdraw a spoof “Daily Fatwa” page just before the presses started rolling last night in the face of a revolt from the paper’s NUJ union chapel (branch).

Socialist Worker congratulates them on their stand and calls on other journalists and print workers to take similar action in such circumstances.

And more...

Planned features on the page headed “How your favourite paper would look under Muslim law” included a “Page 3 burqa babes special” and a blank editorial stamped “censored”.

Thank fuck for workers. I'm sorry but we need to fucking well need to nail this bullshit RIGHT NOW. It's gone far enough, I'm pretty sure that tomorrow, we'll have another politican say that Muslim teachers that wear veils should be sacked... and most newspapers talking up the threat of a Britain ruled under the fucking caliphate. Utter fucking bullshit.

Something needs to happen.

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