Sunday, October 01, 2006

Morbo's vermin of the week: The News of the World

Hey just like a dog returning to it's vomit, the News of the World is back with damning, shocking, and totally clear cut evidence that Tommy Sheridan is a liar and a swinger.

Well not so kids.

You can't see his face, or even his body, in the film, you can only hear 'his' voice, which could be anyone's. So far, a load of crap. Apparently recorded by his best man at his wedding, this 'socialist' recorded it long before any News of the World trial came to court, so why the fuck is he recording, secretly, one of his friends?

Making matter's worse, the Scottish Socialist Party's Frances Curran MSP released a statement saying he should resign from the Scottish Parliament. Such incredibly dubious evidence is now seen as worthy thanks to the obsessive-sheridan-hating-crowd. Once again, another lurch to the right, this was the woman who said Tommy Sheridan wasn't a socialist anymore and that she couldn't work with him.

But then again, thank fuck Sheridan and Solidarity, the new Socialist group in Scotland, are not working with a group of bureaucrats that care nothing about working in wider forces that are breaking over Labour's policy over the war, asylum seekers or privatisation. Rather they counterpose bread-and-butter campaigns within the SSP and not as part of a wider movement which includes Labour members, Greens and the unaligned, and also accept beorgiouse values such as nationalism, their terrible line on Hezbollah and interest in sex scandals.

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