Saturday, October 28, 2006

While Mexico City burned...

It seemed the Zapatistas were fiddling with their Other Campaign. With the conflict raging over the stolen presidential election, I wondered what on earth were the Zapatistas doing? This seems to be the fruit of their activity.

Mexican President Vincente Fox has ordered security forces to quell violence in Oaxaca in the south.

Three people, including a US journalist, were killed in clashes between masked gunmen and leftist protesters on Friday.

The rolling demonstrations since May have centred around two things, a teacher's strike and a movement to oust the state president, and have been organised by the Oaxaca People's Popular Assembly, another example, it seems of the communal style organisation that has inspired and directed revolutionary mass action in Latin America for the past decade. Hopefully its leaders will survive and remain free for long enough to see its example spread.

The BEEB is impeccably non-biased as usual:

Gunfire erupted when armed men tried to remove a blockade set up by protesters, the Associated Press news agency quoted a police official as saying.

Both sides fired but it was not clear who shot first, he said.

Given that an Indymedia reporter was killed, I think we can guess.

It's also good to know that the Bolivian model of doing 'something about it', stopping work, building a barricade and defending it from the state, is becoming generalised. It would also be good to find out if the teachers eventually win their terms. From the other Beeb report it seems they haven't.

Finally, it's a shame that this seems to have come to the boil after the Obrador/Calderon struggle reached its peak. Had the two struggles been synchronised they would have been very difficult to defeat.

But, then, as we know, this won't be the end of the matter.

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