Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The continuing stalemate

Also known as Background Noise. Our lives are currently characterised by stalemate.

At home there is a neo-liberal drive to up profit margins by squeezing more value out of workers at less of a cost to capital. Neo-liberalism has lost the ideological battle amongst many, many working people, but staggers on through inertia and the lack of a co-ordinated, counter-hegemonic struggle.

Abroad, the neo-conservative drive to assure dominance for the US and it's allies has ground to a halt. The allies cannot fully occupy Iraq, it cannot move on and yet there is not enough momentum behind the insurgency to drive them out. The result is blood and decay.

The stalemate won't last. We need to be the ones breaking that stalemate. In a sharp jump, here are the CWU branches that have rejected the post deal:

Bournemouth and Dorset
Bristol and District Amal
Eastern No 6 (Milton Keynes)
Essex Amal
Kent Invicta (which covers Canterbury, Medway, Rochester)
Merseyside Amal
Newcastle Amal
Northern Home Counties (which covers Enfield and much of Hertfordshire)
Northern Ireland East
Northern Ireland No 1
Northern Ireland West
Northwest Central (Stockport)
Romford Amal
Scotland No 2 (Edinburgh and surrounding areas)
SE Wales Amal
South Central No 1 (which covers Oxford and surrounding area)
South East No 5 (the largest CWU branch which covers Berkshire, Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex)
South West No 7 (which covers Swindon)
Southdowns Amal
Watford No 1
Western Counties.

There needs to be more.

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