Thursday, November 06, 2008

Now for some pessimism

If you live in Britain, are left-wing (I mean left of the 'left') and not pessimistic you are simply wrong (or new to the biz). Here's why.

In response to the economic crisis and the ruling class movement to make ordinary people pay, Europe erupts with mass industrial action. Hats off especially to the Italians who, though they've not won yet, have gone a long way to lift the gloom of fascism from their country.

In Britain meanwhile, even the strongest, most militant sections of the 1/4 of the working population organised into unions are being firmly muzzled by the anti-union laws. In fact the government, which the union leaders go to great lengths to prop up, is conspiring against union members as we write (poor Tony Woodley, slapped in the face again). The effect of the stealth extention of the union laws is to make meaningful industrial action virtually impossible under the law.

We must fight this and fight to win, we just shouldn't expect to win, at least not in the immediate future. Politics in Britain won't change without some cataclysmic new fact to disturb the current arrangement. Life is bad and you should feel bad.

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