Thursday, May 28, 2009


BNP candidate Corinne Tovey-Jones says don't vote for me.

A BNP candidate has tried to pull out of next week’s local elections because she “doesn’t want people thinking I’m racist”...

Corinne Tovey-Jones [said] she wants to withdraw her candidacy for the far-right British National Party in next Thursday’sWorcestershire County Council elections, but has discovered it is now too late to have her name taken off the ballot papers.

Grim chuckles aside the article shows two important things. (1) How careless and opportunistic the nazis are:

Mrs Tovey-Jones, who is standing in Nunnery division in Worcester, said she had been convinced to stand for the BNP by a neighbour after her husband was made redundant...

Mrs Tovey-Jones, who could not remember who the BNP’s national leader was... said things came to a head when we printed her candidate statement on Monday as part of our election coverage.

She said the statement she submitted to the party – extolling her own “Christian values” – had been rewritten by BNP officials to include comments about the “anti-social behaviour” of “an unruly minority".

This is of course the party who slapped supposed quotes over stock images of Italian pensioners, American builders and doctors.

But (2) most importantly it shows, even at this stage, how soft the BNPs support mostly is. Under the slightest pressure this particular election campaign has come apart. Even now the BNP can be driven back. They are not triumpant. A powerful, united campaign can turn things round very quickly.

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