Monday, May 21, 2012

David Cameron in calculated insult to logic

And all those who practice such a quaint art. From a heavily armed bunker in Chicago he said:

It's not for me to say what Greek parties should and shouldn't stand on and how the Greek elections should work.
I bet you 420 billion Euros the next word is "but..."

But it's very important that everyone is clear that...
Ha! I win. Sorry, you go on Dave...

But it's very important that everyone is clear that the choice Greece faces is maintaining its commitments and maintaining itself in the eurozone, or deciding that is not the path it wants to take... So this decision point, the Greek election, has got to become the moment where all of the right plans are put in place to secure the future of the eurozone currency.
The Euro was not good enough for David Cameron, though it's clearly good enough now for him to secure its future. Look, Greeks, stop spoiling things! Either you're going to vote for the sado-monetarist destruction of your society, or Cameron and co are going to put 'the right plans' in place to ensure it. That's democracy for ya!

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