Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Right-wing sectarianism

Sectarianism is bemoaned on the left. Too many socialist parties not enough socialists. Everyone's sectarian, except me. You get the picture?

It's interesting, actually, but there is a proliferation of groups on the right as well, much less commented on. The breakdown of the Tories popular base is well documented. The decline of Toryism is covered, for now, by the convergence of the mainstream parties. The Lib Dems support the current government and the Labour party doesn't really oppose it. The general logjam in our society stems from the fact all significant civil society groups are, in some way, tied up with the mainstream parties.

The breakdown is also occurring on the right. There is the UKIP which currently has around 10% support in opinion polls. It will take many hard Tory votes but unless something very odd happens it won't win any seats at the next general election however. There is the NF, the BNP and the British Freedom party on the fascist right, the BFP is a splinter from the BNP, which in was a split from the NF. In street fighting of course the Infidels have are a split from the EDL. From the sublime to the ridiculous, former Sun editor Kelvin McKenzie has suggested forming a Southern Party to represent, well, people like him living in and around London.

The continual breakdown of political formations possibly lends credence to the idea of petty caesarism as the dominant force in modern politics. 

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