Friday, May 31, 2013

Marxism 2013 - explaining a party in turmoil

It's almost summer, which means Marxism is almost upon us... well it might be upon you, it's not upon me. Given the shambles running the triumphant vanguard of the working class it may well be the last Marxism ever, in which case it will also be the last time we can do Meeting Title Tombola. Let's kick things off, enjoy it while it lasts:

Freedom now – the last time
Freedom now – after horsemeat
After horsemeat is 1989 all powerful?
Do genes determine the salariat?
Is this the end of the future?
Is this the end of deflected permanent Sartre?
Is the end of Dr Who hardwired in China?
Is assault hardwired into Dublin?
Can Chavez explain what socialists say?
Debate: what do socialists say about panthers in the 21st century?
The British – what are the alternatives?
Can the British become modern humans?
Is gender exposing Gove to fracking?
Does 1979 determine the French Revolution?
Does Dr Who face the Eurozone?
Are there too many people in the Minority Movement?
11 days in August – the liberation of opium.
Can Marxism explain Charlie Kimber?
Corruption: the motor of Alex Callinicos.
Why didn’t Paul Le Blanc decline Marxism?
Does Mark Thomas face collapse?
Who is Dave Sewell? 
What causes Simon Guy?
How does Amy Leather become revolutionary?
How do we turn the tide in 1979?
Does 1972 face collapse?
Are we too late to stop Georg Lukacs?
Are people too selfish for Orwell?
Sartre between Panthers.
Panthers: the motor between Greece.
Why didn't Luxemburg develop in Spain?

How do we stop socialists exposing cover ups?

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