Monday, August 12, 2013

On the economic upturn...

The Tories ratings for economic competency has taken a huge boost, 28% to 40%. First things first the depression could not simply last forever. That said this current upturn could well crash quickly. The current fundamentals are not great. The current boom is based on inflating house prices, the same method that drove the economy to the wall in the first place.

Labour were never in a strong position to fight the Tories on economic competency having not fought for an interpretation of the 2008 crash, largely because they were heavily implicated in it. Nonetheless, having done so, they are in an even worse position to start fighting Tory economic policy on the basis of not-everyone-is-gaining-from-the-recovery. 


When considering their personal financial circumstances, just 17% of people say that it has improved in the last year, compared with 43% who think it has got worse. 
Thinking ahead to the next 12 months, while a quarter of people think their personal financial situation will improve (24%), more say that it will get worse (29%) and 41% think it will stay the same.

So, despite a strong plurality of people not gaining and not expecting to gain from this apparent recovery more and more people rate the Tories for their economic performance. Yet more evidence the general public is currently incapable of rational calculation. Prepare for a Tory government in 2015 - nasty and strong.

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