Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Best blog post in the world... EVER... again... part two

Ain't Misbeehiving
Ayu Lonesome Tonight
Whelk Oldham
Blenny Kravitz
Queens of the Stoat Age
Fly and the Clam-ily Stoat
La Isla Bonito
Gorilla Radio
Limpet Bizkit
Avenged Sevenfoal
Mr Bungull
Go-gull Bordello
Shrew Fighters
That's What Breams Are Made Of
My Chemical Romants
Half Man Half Biscat
Sweet Breams
Half Man Half Puss-cat
Ptarmigan-garoo Down Sport
Prawn to Run
Prawn to Be Wild
The Flamingo Lips
Diana Wasp
The Beetles
Video Killed The Radio Starling
Here Comes The Sunbird
Cattle Be The Day
Toucan Play That Game
Caribou Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Burning Down the Mouse
Elephants Gerald
Gazella Fitzgerald
Termitey Mighty Bosstones
Herbivore Hancock
crane's addiction
Pig Audio Dynamite
Manu Cow
Skate Bush
Jefferson Starfish
Grand Funk Quailroad
The Cardi-yaks
Yak Lace
Michael Yakson
The Yakson Five
Life on Marsupial?
Fleathal Bizzle
Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Bandicoot
Dingo Starr
Ivor Cuttlefish
 Bill Bruford's Earthworm
 Earthworm and Fire
They Might Be Giant Anteaters
And Shrew Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead
Iguanodon McLean
Tick Hucknall
Vanilla Lice
Chimply red
Shrimply red
Shrimple minds
Tame Shrimpala
Krilli Vanilli
The Krillers
Cypress Krill
Husky Dü
The Gnutureheads
Vervet Underground
Another Brick In The Walrus
Massive Macaque
Bee Diddy (formerly Puffin Daddy)
Weevil Rock You
Koi George
Fallout Koi
Badly Drawn Koi
Koi division
Goodbye Yellow Brick Toad
Toad To Nowhere
The Long And Winding Toad
Cod Stewart
Zebra Harry
Captain Geeseheart
Stork Talk
Tie A Yellow Gibbon Round The Ole Oak Tree
Swan Jovi
Barbet Girl
Calf Man Calf Biscuit
Deep Turtle
Asian Cub Foundation
Cub War
Tenpole Tuna
Calf Lamb Calf Puss-cat
Guppy Conqueror
The Slugs Don't Work
The Skinks
Three Times A Ladybird
Witness the Fishness by Bandicoots Manuva
Pinball Lizard
Gecko and the Bunnymen
Gnu Kids on the Croc
Mosquito def
Bryan Ferret
Warthog! what is it goose for?
Portugese man o'war! what is it goose for?
Radio Quagga
Peter Plankton - Plankton Comes Alive
The Four Triceratops
There Must Be An Angelfish (Playing With My Heart)
Living In A Box Turtle
Kylie Minnow
Newt Kids on the Croc
Dusty Springbok
Eel Young
Locusty Springfield
Jarvis Cocker Spaniel
Dalmatian Dub Foundation
Billy Goat Idol
The Labra-Doors
Give Ireland Back To The Irish Terrier
Mastiff Little Fingers
Spaniel Young
Jarvis Cockle
The Beagles
Mink Floyd
I mink We’re Alone Now
I Think We're Abalone Now
Collie Parton
KD Langoustine
A Boy Named Shih Tzu
Mullet In The Head
Do The Mussel
Never Mind The Pollocks
Frank Snapper
Gnat King Vole
Dandy Warthogs
Boa Diddley
Duran Durat
Motley Shrew
Pete Seagull
I Don't Like Coatimundis
Mice Against
Deer Prudence
Hen Vogue
Manfred Manitee
Close To The Hedgehog
Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick Insect
Cliff Pilchard
Grandhamster Flash
Gerbil and the Pacemakers
Giraffe and the Pacemakers
Down To Margay by Bass & Dave
Strange Fruitbat
Moths Def
David Crowie
The Vole-ing Stones
Apanda Palmer
Duck Buttons
Dire Stoats
Mule and the Gang
Mule for cats
Why do Mules Fall in love
Mule If You think it’s Over

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