Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Mark Duggan inquest verdict

Mark Duggan was unarmed, he always was unarmed. The police followed him through the streets and then shot him down. He had no gun. The gun that the police said he had on him had no fingerprints and no traces of his DNA. What was the jury thinking when they decided, 8 to 2, that despite this fact, his killing was lawful? How were they selected? Say it again and again to anyone you meet who has doubts, Mark Duggan was unarmed. Regardless of who he was, what he had done, or what he might have been going to do, on that car journey he was unarmed.

With this perverse verdict the police have got away with killing another member of the public. Life in London has been cheapened by this. We are all in more danger because of this. Pity his poor family, especially his children, and worry. What is going to happen now?

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